Learn about Scrum and Agile

What is Scrum

Learn the theory and principals of Scrum

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What is a Scrum Master

A Scrum Master is a professional who helps teams to adopt and use the Scrum framework for product development.

Should I become a Scrum Master?

As more organisations and teams adapt scrum, opportunities for Scrum Masters have increased

Difference between a Scrum Master and a Project Manager

Learn about the difference between a Scrum Master and a Project Manager

Getting your first job as a Scrum Master

As more organisations and teams adapt scrum, opportunities for Scrum Masters have increased

What is Kanban?

Learn the theory and principals of Kanban

The Daily Scrum

Learn about the Daily Scrum, the definition and purpose.

Effective Daily Scrum

Tips and Techniques on how to have an effective Daily Scrum

What is an MVP?

Learn about what an MVP is and some tips on how to identify MPVs.

Are you looking to improve your skills as a Scrum Product Owner?

Mastering the Art of Professional Scrum Product Ownership: Tips and Tricks

Scrum 101: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Agile

Agile framework that can revolutionise the way you and your team approach product management.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Scrum Master

The role of a Scrum Master is crucial in ensuring efficient and effective agile product management, and it requires a unique set of skills and knowledge to excel in this field.

business agility

Benefits of Agile and Scrum for Your Business

Agile and Scrum can revolutionise the way your business operates. Find out how these methodologies can benefit your team and improve your bottom line

skills of a scrum master

5 Essential Skills Every Scrum Master Should Possess

As a Scrum Master, there are several essential skills that can contribute to your effectiveness in facilitating agile development processes and guiding your team.


What is Velocity

Velocity in the context of Agile and Scrum is a metric used to measure the amount of work a Scrum team can complete during a sprint

Definition of done

The Crucial Guide to "Definition of Done" in Scrum

. One of the cornerstones of Scrum is the "Definition of Done" (DoD), a concept that holds the key to ensuring consistent quality and transparency throughout the development process

Scrum Values: Coaching Techniques for New Scrum Teams

Embracing the Scrum framework goes beyond mastering the framework

Sprint goal

The Significance of Sprint Goals in Scrum: Benefits, Challenges, and Examples

In Scrum, sprint goals stand as pivotal guiding stars, directing teams towards success.